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Events and Gallery

We have had a lot of events within 10 years. Almost all Stars from the Rolling Scene have been at our BadDuffys Inline Shop.

Names like: Jon Julio, Jess D., The Viking Rene Hulgreen, Aaron Feinberg, Dustin Latimer, Matteo, Bruno, Alex Broskow, Richard Taylor, Tim Ward, Tom Fry, Chiaki Ito, Matt Andrews, Carlos Pianowski, Robert Lievanos, AJ, The Harmanus Brothers, Jochen Smuda, A. Müller, Dre Powell, Brian Aragon, Rachad Johnson, etc...
... and the list still goes on.

The Events: Vert Jam, Skate Park 2000, Partys, RCB (Reional Crew Battle), RSB (Real Street), covering all the events around Germany and Europe.

We are here to support and push The Rolling Scene! - Claudio Luz, Wolly


- Legacy Tour 2005
- Pit Berlin Finals
- Real Street Bonn
Regional Crew Battle
Roll2Soul Tour
- Rollerblade Tour 2003
- Xmas Jam 2004

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